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1. Do I have to pay for the services?

No, all the services are absolutely free of charge for the candidates.

2. May I send my application even though currently all positions are fiiled?

You can send us your Resume at any time and our Human Resource Assistants will recomend you the best position refering to your qualification.

3. What happens after I send my application?

Our Human Resource Assistants will look at your CV and they will give you instructions and inform you about the upcoming interviews that you can attend. You will be provided with all the information (brochures and job description for your position). Do not hesitate to ask our team for further information.

4. What documents I need to attach to my Resume?

The most important thing you have to do is send us your Diploma, additional certificates proving your qualification, letter of recommendation of your previous employers and certificate for work at sea.

5. What happens with my application if I am not selected for the position I have applied for?

We will keep your application documents in our internal database and we reserve our right to contact you again in the future with information on other potentially interesting and suitable career opportunities for you. We will encourage you and help you to extend your knowledge via additional information and courses so you can became the perfect choice for the upcoming interviews.

6. Can I expect a feedback even if I am not selected for a further stage?

Your application is very important for us and we will keep in touch with you all the time and no matter what is the result of the interviews you will be informed and given further instructions.

7. What is the usual duration of a recruitment process?

Normally the recruitment process takes approximately 1-2 month from job announcement to candidate placement. In same cases this may happen earlier, but if the the period is longer that would be caused by objective matters or technical reasons with projects with new building ships or the delay could be caused by emergency repair works.

8. May I rely on a confidential treatment of my application?

Absolutely. First, the legislation ground guarantees this – our Company is certified and controlled by the state authorities regarding the strict and proper treatment of your personal data treatment. On the other hand, the full confidentiality is an integral part of our internal recruitment policy. Our interest is to create and maintain long-term partnership with our candidates and thus treat their application confidential throughout the whole recruitment process.

9. What if I have a question that is not listed in the FAQ Section?

You can contact us via our office emails and we will answer your questions shortly.