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Since year 1999 up to now SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ has set brigades / squads of welders, pipe fitters, hull workers / steelworkers for the setting-up of sprinkler systems, fire fighting and CO2 systems onboard passenger ships disposing of an extensive number of specialists such as welders – Argon, CO2, El., hullworkers, pipe fitters, carpenters, air duct specialists etc. And behind its back the company has lots of projects, among which some span overall establishment and lay-up of the systems o/b a number of passenger and cruising ships.

You can use our services any time as our main priorities are:

  •     - provision of the necessary number of specialists on schedule
  •  - professional and quality fulfillment of the tasks as assigned
  •     -overall completion of the work load from beginning to end at best quality and competitive rates
  • -certified labour work

Awaiting fruitful cooperation.