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We are able to provide full crew complements or some individuals to serve onboard seagoing ships of gross tonnage ranging from 200 to 100.000 GRT. Vessels can be cargo, tankers and passenger ships intended for coastal, restricted areas and open sea navigation as well as navigation without restrictions all over the world according to the valid international standards. We are in the position to cover any opening of any department on a cruising ship. Every one of our registered seafarers possesses all necessary certificates.

Deck and Engine Department:
Our company is able and ready to provide officers that have completed their education at Varna Naval Academy "N.Y.VAPZAROV" with 5-year course of education in different marine specialties with international statute. Some of the engineers have graduated Varna Technical University major in Ship Engines and Mechanisms. They are of good command of English language and most of them are with very good Spanish , German or French and are required to obtain the respective professional and conventional certificates in accordance with IMO standards and some special rules.The Bulgarian mastesr and chief engineers are well expirienced with many embarkations on various type of ships.Many of our second and third officers, third and electric engineers are young, but well educated people having great ambitions and abilities for growing up and making a good career in maritime field. Most of those people are with long-term experience in our company.

Catering Staff for Passenger Ships and Cruise Lines: all of them have big expirience on board of one of the biggest cruise ships. All members of the catering staff have higher or secondary specialized education completed at such institutions as for example the College of Tourism, Secondary Vocational School of Public Catering and the Secondary Vocational School of Food Industry as well, or the University of Economics majoring in Tourism. They also have long-term experience in the hotel and restaurant management and are of good command of English and other foreign languages.We feel bound to outline the fact that Varna as a tourist center and having near such gorgeous resorts as Albena, St. Konstantine and Helena, Golden Sands, Riviera Holiday Club disposes of excellently trained and experienced personnel with profound knowledge of English, Spanish, German and other languages enshuring the profesinal skills of our candidates.